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Friday, December 22, 2006

Imagine, if you will...

Sadly, once again, Blogger's imaging function isn't functioning. So imagine, if you will, a photo inserted where there is now only italicized text. The photo is of a crystalline expanse in the distance of which a dog sled races against a stand of trees, with snowy mountains towering behind all.

Do you see, way off in the distance, that dogsled pulled by a team of seven sled dogs? Bruce snapped the shot at Otter Lake, north of Anchorage. Isn't it beautiful, with the snow and mountains in the background? What makes it extra special is that Sabrina and I were riding on the dogsled when the picture was taken. It was our very first ride. Cool huh?

Now, imagine a photo that is a close-up of Sabrina and me sitting together in the basket, getting ready for our maiden dog sled ride. Our cheeks are rosy from the cold. Sabrina has lost her mittens so her hands are stuffed into her pockets. The hair she has been sucking has frozen into a halo of icicles around her hooded face.

In going on this little adventure I discovered a little known secret about mushing - its very odiforous. The dogs get so excited that they get gassy, and when you're downwind.... well, you get the picture. When we got home, I mentioned the ride to my neighbor, Gus, and his very first comment was to ask me about the smell. So I guess now I'm in the know. And so are you.

The occasion for the dog sled rides came from the resurrection of an annual potluck from the Engineering Division for the Alaska District USACE; in other words, Bruce's work Christmas party. One of his co-workers is a musher and those are his dogs. The party was held on Fort Richardson at one of the recreation sites. Very unfortunately, the lodge in which the party was held lost power, and so party attendees were huddled in their down and polar fleece while eating samples from countless unplugged crockpots. It was about 11 degrees outside.

The dog sled ride came at the very end of the party. Sandwiched between shivering through the potluck and shivering outside, we had an encounter with Santa and Mrs. Claus. Their red suits looked enviously cosy. Every kid at the party got a special gift. Evan's was the funniest though. He got a Spiderman costume, with flashing spider emblem on the chest, and blinking eyes. The costume was padded on the torso and arms to look like muscles. He could not wait to get it out the packaging and onto his body. He stole the show as he stomped around grunting and flexing his muscles.

Imagine a photo inserted here of Evan mugging in his Spiderman costume. Priceless.

As the party drew to a close, we were asked by one mother where Santa had gotten the costume. The child she on whose behalf she was inquiring was a tiny blonde girl wearing a bumblebee outfit.

As an aside, this inability to insert photos really chaps me. Quite honestly, it is one of the main reasons I quit blogging last spring. At that time, the photo-insert feature quit working; I could not for the life of me figure out how to contact technical support to request support; I really like using pictures in my postings and with out the ability to do so lost heart.

So there, a bit of a rave and a bit of a rant. Imagine that.



At 10:11 AM, Blogger kq1226 said...

Forget the darn photos! I still LOVE reading your posts. It keeps me connected to those that we love (and miss)so much. Please don't stop blogging! Just make Bruce get the photos up on the website! :)


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