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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Show me the money

Well, we have a deal on the buy-side of our impending housing change. Now we just need to sell our current house on Halyards Circle.

The picture above is of Breakwater's livingroom. As you can see, it gets a lot of bright sunlight (when the sun is shining). You'll also notice the unfortunate choice of window coverings. What you can't see is the poor condition of the carpet and how dead that hanging plant actually is. However, this affords us the pleasurable opportunity of being able to shop for our own replacement flooring.

One of the troubling, and sleep-inhibiting, aspects of this move has been the likelihood of a school-change for the kids. After concluding the new school was probably similarly good to the kids' current school, I had come to terms with this. However, just for fun, I am going to try and keep the kids at Rabbit Creek afterall by requesting a zone exemption.

Fortuitously, or perhaps (I hope) providentially, today I ran into Rabbit Creek parents all over town. One of the first grade teachers (the one who recommended we bump Jack up to second grade from first) was walking through my neighborhood this morning. I stopped and chatted with her a bit, asking if she thought the zone exemption worth asking for. She was very optimistic, and said she'd put in a good word to the principal.

Then, when picking Sabrina up from a birthday party at a gymnastics-place, I ran into several other Rabbit Creek families who were also at that location having a separate birthday party. One of the families is currently at Rabbit Creek on a zone exemption. Is that a sign or what? Boy, I sure hope so.

We had an Open House today. A few people came through. One family liked it enough to stay for awhile and take pictures. One oddity during the day was a homeowner from up the street who has his own house on the market and was giving Mary (our agent) a hard time for "underpricing" our house, complaining that this was deflating the values of other homes in the neighborhood. Whatever. If it were REALLY underpriced, it would already be sold. His house is listed at $689K. Whatever, dude.

Well, enough with writing for now. Time to go do that overly-neglected task of late: reading.


At 7:01 AM, Blogger gerbmom said...

Newbigin too? LOL. I just found you on library thing, and because of the uniqueness of the books we had in common I decided to check out your blog. Very cool. Now I have something to read today. :)

At 2:25 PM, Blogger kq1226 said...

Despite what you think, you can tell how dead that plant is! It was the first thing I said when I saw the photos (well, after saying the window treatments have to go!). Good luck with the next steps! Keep us posted!!!


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