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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Yesterday: A Summary

Reminded Bruce to take Juneau to the vet.

Yelled at screaming daughters during pre-school prep.

Almost to Ellie’s preschool when she pipes up, “Where are my shoes!? I forgot to put on my shoes!” Followed by hysterical crying.

During homeward detour to get said shoes, road partially blocked by huge flatbed tow truck.

During preschool-ward drive after retrieving said shoes, same intersection fully blocked by same huge flatbed tow truck. Transit delayed.

One mile farther down road: dead moose in road, victim of hit-and-run.

Trip to library – a positive experience. (Books always are.)

On drive home from retrieving Ellie at 11:40am, worried that I’d scheduled that day’s 11:47am Book Club too early. Hoped no one would leave before I got there.

Arrived home to find Kathie and Gin on front door step waiting in 11 degree cold.

Feasted during Book Club.

Got a call, during Book Club, from vet telling me to stop giving Juneau lysodren immediately – the dosage I was giving her was lethal. Wracked with guilt.

After picking up Jack and Sabrina from school, got a phone call from Seattle-friend Jill announcing birth of other Seattle-friend Gillian’s baby. Joy for Gillian, remorse that I missed her entire pregnancy.

Ordered goodies from hospital gift-shop for Baby Joseph.

Bruce came home with Juneau, and he called the hospital to talk to Kent and Gillian. We both got to chat.

While sharing joy with Gillian, Juneau goes into shock and starts vomiting everywhere and shaking.

Bruce called vet on cell phone. Vet ordered prednisone.

Distractedly finish conversation with Gillian. Feel guilty that sick dog is distracting from the joy of new baby.

Juneau, for some mysterious reason, suddenly can’t walk. Later, she can’t even stand. Several times I have to carry her outside to go potty.

Evan’s poopy diaper goes unnoticed until it’s gone into overflow mode.

Jack announces one hour before bed that it's time to study for tomorrow's Spelling Bee. Bruce and I refuse to help him - he's had a month to do it. We are too tired to drop everything at the 11th hour.

Put kids to bed asahp (as soon as humanly possible).

Read and read and read, trying to escape, and also relax (I was very “tense” by this point). Proud of myself I didn’t turn to the bottle of white zin as a coping mechanism.

Did my daily Bible reading.

At bedtime, Bruce winking and hinting. Me declining. More guilt.

It truly wasn't the worst day I've ever had. Not even close. I never even cried. Nevertheless, let's hope today is better.


At 12:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Calgon! Take you away!!!!! It's like you lived the old commercial yesterday. Hang in there. It can always be worse and sure enough it will be. (that's what I always say to cheer myself up) Here's to a day of healthy dogs, happy kids and lots and lots o' quiet time with a book.

At 9:05 AM, Blogger Gateway School and Learning Center said...

So was Thursday better? Word on the street is you got to slurp coffee with a buddy for more than an hour in the morning. :))

At 2:48 PM, Blogger Linda said...

Thursday morning coffee was the highlight of my day. The problem with having the highlight so early is that it all went downhill from there.


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