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Monday, October 31, 2005

An Epilogue

I know you're dying to know - how many drinks did you have tonight? Well, three very strong ones (I'm having a VERY hard time typing). But at this point, it only makes me want more. (Don't worry for me... rEALL":Y!)

Okay. So here's the rundown of what FINALLY got accomplished today (as I listen to people tortured by animate scarabs in the background - Bruce is watching "The Mummy").

I made FOUR different kinds of cookies today! (Thumbs up to "glass-is-half-empty" obsessive-compulsives!)

Loads of laundry washed: 3. Loads of laundry folded and put away: 2.

Kids survived another night of trick-or-treating: 4.

Parents who survived another night of trick-or-treating: 1.... I mean, 2. (Damn that Jack Daniels.)

(I think I'm hilarious right now. I'm also T.Y.P.I.N.G V.E.R.Y. S.L.O.W...)

Okay. Pulling myself together (grin nothwithstanding).

Oh yeah! Cookies made were: molasses crinkles, lemon bars (the burnt edges were darn good), Linzer tea squares, and almond cardamom cookies (more like, almond-cardomom-DROPS, if I do say so....).

Need to by copious amounts of semi-sweet chocolate baking squares before embarking on PHASE II of the GRATE COOKIE CAPER. Imean, GREAT Cookie Caper.

(I'm REALLY crackin' myself up tongith.)

I wonder if Costco carries such a thing.

Anyhoo. also wanted to share that Jack LOVED his room. There I was, all set up for tears and carrying-on, and he (and Sabrina, for some strange reason) were thrilled!!!! I AM the best mom for 30 seconds! Cool! i'LL tAKE IT!

Okay. I think I'm done. Back to my book. I may not be able to comprehend it in this condition, but at least no one but me and God will know.

t Worry about me!

I'm very happy1!

(Jeff, we don't need to have "a talk.")


At 7:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When Bruce called last night, I remember hearing "Where's the Jack Daniels?"...

Hopefully you're not too hung over with either the above or with sugar (I'm feeling very, very s-l-o-w from all the $#@$ I ate yesterday :-o )

Enjoy the beginning of the mad rush to the holidays!



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