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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

You can only put off the inevitable for so long. As the self-appointed stylist for the family, it is soley my responsibility to keep my husband's and kids' heads trimmed and coiffed. It has saved us a fair amount of money over the years; money I use to keep my own locks trimmed and coiffed ($45 every ten weeks, baby!). However, I don't always feel particularly motivated to do it, nor do I always do it particularly well. (I'm remembering the attempt I once made after two glasses of wine....wince.)

Today, I could stand it no longer. The girls' bangs were hanging in their eyes, and the boys' sideburns were brushing their earlobes, and I am stone-cold sober. So, I got out the hair clippers and scissors and went to work.

Now, so far, I've only done Ellie, Evan, and Jack. Sabrina is mad I only want to do her bangs, so she's in avoidance, and Bruce isn't home yet. Plus, he takes the longest.

I thought I'd share some before and after shots. Don't you love makeovers?

This is Evan's "before":

And his "after" (isn't he just the darling-est?):

This is Jack's "before":

And his "after" (doesn't he look so intellectual wearing the scarf with the turtleneck?):

The only "after" picture I have for Ellie is of her wearing a hat, but here it is anyway. Note her unusual fashion sense:

Three down. Two to go. Excellent.

Oh wait, I just remembered I need to do the dog too. THAT would be well-worthy of before and after pictures.

To keep me accountable, here is Seamus right now:

Wish me luck.


At 2:35 PM, Blogger Gateway School and Learning Center said...

You are one brave scissors-wielding mama! The kids look great. Even is absolutely adorable.

At 2:36 PM, Blogger Gateway School and Learning Center said...

I meant to say "Evan".


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