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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Holiday Outtakes

Well, this week seems to be the storm before the calm.

Monday, I had to prepare for M.I.L.K., which involved buying all the components for our craft, including the spray-painting of 72 clothes pins. I had to work Monday night, before which I had an employee review, about which I was unnecessarily anxious, and even put on a dress for. After that, I did my devotional for M.I.L.K. during work (sorry Becky - but absolutely no one came in during that time).

On Tuesday was M.I.L.K., which was great fun and we welcomed two new attendees. In the evening I baked a double-batch of almond-butter Christmas tree cookies to be dispersed as follows: a) Cub Scouts cookie exchange, b) Jack's school Christmas party, c) Ellie's school Christmas party, and d) for our personal consumption. We, of course, ended up with all the over-done cookies. Later, I had to remember to wrap the gifts for the kids' teachers (which involved making two Christmas cards using my Stampin' Up stuff).

Today was Wednesday, and I had to get four kids and one adult groomed and out the door by 8:40am. Breaking with normal routine, I insisted that Jack and Sabrina eat school-lunch, as I didn't want to bother with pb&js this morning. Ellie's Christmas program at preschool was scheduled for 10am, so after dropping her off I ran off to the grocery to get ingredients for salsa and a bagel for breakfast. Back to school by 9:35, and got a seat behind my friend-in-the-making, Christine. Tried to keep Evan contained and failed. Bruce arrived at 10:05 and he shot lots of video and pictures of the program. We got home in good order, and I promptly made the salsa (once again, too oniony and garlicky). I put a very tired Evan down for his nap early, but, because I've fed Evan too many pinto beans the last few days, his prodigious pooping is interrupting his normal sleep patterns. So he woke up way too early (if he ever slept at all).

All the while I have been feverishly reading "The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde, which is the pick for book club tonight. Finished that by 2:30pm today, and spent 40 minutes or so compiling questions and general info for the group discussion.

After picking up Jack and Sabrina today, I attempted to clean the kitchen, completely avoided making dinner, and started "To Kill A Mockingbird" while encouraging Jack to do his homework, and making a sleep-deprived Evan clean the entire downstairs.

After book club tonight things should somewhat calm down. Tomorrow I plan on addressing the large pile of boxes in the guestroom, and also basically gut the contents of the guestroom to make room for my mother- and father-in-law who are coming on Sunday. I need to squeeze in a 1200 word essay for writing group on Friday. Friday night I work. Meanwhile I will continue to wash and dry (but not fold) the multitude of laundry that NEVER stops appearing in odd places all over the house.

As I write, the kids are developing their annual Christmas play. This year, Jack's play involves goblins are trying to destroy the North Pole, so Santa's elves must come to the rescue. Jack is working very hard on "armoring" his teddy bears with paper knives and shields. The crest on the shields are an elf face flanked by two presents. Sabrina's play is about a swan who saves Christmas. Goblins try to take all the toys to give to their own kids. The swan lays a special egg and it has all the toys in the world and a new North Pole all inside it. Hmmm.

Okay, fussy kids. Two plays to watch. Got to go.


At 7:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sending you sweet dreams of egg nog (the very grownup kind, thank you). I'm very Impressed with the boxes...I just let Amazon do the trick for me. And vis a vis that charming Santa picture, check out "Scared of Santa, at
Some of these pics make Evan look calm...



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