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Friday, March 24, 2006

Home Again

Okay, so this isn't a "real" post, but I just want to announce to the world that we are back in Anchorage after two whirlwind weeks in the greater Seattle-area.

Between the borrowed valium for the return flight home and the bottle of Gewerztriminer (misspelled) I downed this evening, I am not committed to writing 6,000 words of the top five things I learned this year on vacation.

Let it suffice to say: 1) we are home safe; 2) I seem to have vaguely noticed some cold white stuff still on the ground; 3) 32 degrees in Anchorage feels warmer to me than 45 in Seattle; 4)my dogs are thriving if somewhat more cuddly than usual; 5) "Don Quixote" is a very readable and humorous book; 6) I am committed to starting to write again once I finally accept that I'm REALLY home and that it isn't just a dream.

It will be until at least tomorrow what all our twenty-billion vacation pictures are downloaded to the computer.

Epiphany no. 1 of tonight's alcohol-and-valium-induced-spirituality: One of these days I'm going to have my own ISBN number. Any person interested in helping in me accomplish this goal - PLEASE send me a line. Dammit, I CAN'T do it alone.

Best email correspondence line during vacation was sent by Darlene who said at EXACTLY THE RIGHT MOMENT: " Your angst was delightful to read. Both from the topic and literary perspective. Angst hones your writing my Dear. Sorry."

Don't be sorry, Dar! Freedom to be angst-filled is an enormous gift. I feel like a delicate butterfly! Fly, Fly! Little Butterfly!

Okay, so I'm no longer making sense. Writing is my life. I will do more later - when I put down "Don Quixote" long enough to be creative.


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