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Thursday, December 15, 2005

I Have A Plan

In a valiant effort to catch up on various household chores, today I folded nine loads of laundry (that's only a week's worth), folded some gifts, did dishes, and attacked the box-pile.

Before doing so, however, I formulated a plan. Though it took some time to muddle through the details, the execution was simple. Here it is: if the box is addressed to ME it's ok to open it. If it's addressed to ANYONE ELSE it's NOT okay to open it.

Amazing what my mind can come up with if given enough time.

So, with a racing heart, I cut through packing tape, flung aside packing material and packing slips, and discovered much to my surprise all the boxes I opened were "safe".

(Round of applause, please.)

Then the mail came today. Eight new boxes. Dammit.

I sorted them according to addressee, peeked in the ones with my name on them, and whew!, "safe" again.

Then I checked email.

Three from mom-in-law, Barbara, whose arrival I was incorrect about - she'll be here Tuesday afternoon.

Email #1: A warning for Bruce not to open the packages addressed to him, but only if from L.L. Bean.

Email #2: Be aware of an additional delivery to Barbara, which, because it is from dental.com, I dearly hope isn't someone's Christmas present.

Email #3: A reminder of the packages that neither Bruce nor I can open coming from sister-in-law Karen (which Karen informed me today will be coming in six different boxes, three from Amazon.com and three from her directly.)

Isn't this fun?

(Barbara, I hope you don't mind my amusing myself and my readers with personal family correspondence. I thought it was pretty funny. You can exact revenge in a few days.)

Okay, so I now have ALL the boxes from Doug, Kathleen, and Baby John. I have ALL the ones from my mom (I think). I received something from Liz today but haven't checked yet to make sure it's all in one box. Ann's is coming, but it's in envelopes, so no wrapping required. We're almost there.

Meanwhile, the weather in south Anchorage - 32 degrees and raining. (GRRRRRRR)


At 7:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are Wonder Woman! Nice to see Ellie again ;-) k


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