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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

It's Here!

Well, it really happened. We actually own a travel trailer. Are we grownups yet?

At the moment, it, and Bruce inside of it, are in the driveway. Bruce managed to get it backed into the driveway on the first try. Very amazing considering he is hardly a seasoned trailer-backer-upper.Tomorrow during the day I'll take stock of what's in it, and make notes of what needs to be there. Then, tomorrow evening, Bruce will go store it. We'll take our maiden voyage in a week.

The above picture shows it pretty well. It has a big awning, which will be nice in the rain and an outdoor range (just to the left of Gus). You can see in the far left of the picture how the queen bed slides out.

Bruce and I spent just a few minutes tonight sitting out there absorbing. We sat in various places, pushed various buttons, toggled various switches. Neither of us can find anything wrong with it. It's really in very good condition. I'll set my timer to see how long it takes for the kids to trash it.

The next picture is of Lucy checking things out. On the left is the eating area, and on the right, the sofa (both folded down into bed-mode). Behind everybody is the queen bed. The queen bed is where Queen Linda will sleep.

The next picture is of some very excited children begging to go camping right now.

Here is a picture of Sabrina checking out her bunk.

And here's Ellie checking out hers, right below Sabrina's.

We have a whole lot to learn. Right now it seems intimidating. I wish I'd paid more attention to land-yachting when I was a kid (my parents had a motorhome when I was growing up). We'll start with some short trips to get the hang of it, and gradually grow bolder.

Or we may conclude we've made a dreadful mistake.

Really, the most important thing to remember is not to accidently leave one of the children behind in the trailer, like we almost did when we first saw it up on Elemendorf A.F.B. We had paid the former owner his deposit, and we were walking back to our car to go home when we saw this...



At 12:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lady, your chariot awaits! Mazel tov!

Liz :-)


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