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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lights.... Camera..... Product Endorsement

(Forgive the weird periods between paragraphs, but when I posted, the computer refused to recognize carriage returns.)
Here is a close-in shot of Jack being filmed for the FOX local news. Note the expression on his face. It is considering, serious, and altogether freaked out.
The staging for this event was very deliberate. Jack is miked, he is sitting facing the light. Ellie, Evan, Sabrina and I are sitting with him. In front of him is a DQ ice cream cake. Our friendly neighborhood FOX representative, Kathy, arranged it for him. That is Kathy's blond head in the foreground. She was the impromtu interviewer.
We all received a complimentary DQ lunch. (I'm not allowed to call it "Dairy Queen"; I was told "there are no Dairy Queens in Alaska"; it is most decidedly a "DQ".) After a brief "interview", we were instructed to eat our lunches and "pretend the camera isn't there".
We discovered that casual mealtime conversation can be profoundly stilted when a tv news camera is trained in. I'm afraid we will come across as rather uncommunicative and repressed. At least filming finished before Evan spilled his Coke all down his shirt, pants and the seat.
I have waited all my life for fame and fortune. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine my 15 seconds of fame would be while masticating. *Moo*
For those of you who previously asked, or are only now beginning to wonder, if there is a way of getting a "recording" of the actual news story: yes. I have to order it from a local company that will secure a DVD.
My day is at a momentary lull. Bruce just left for the movies (Indiana Jones #4) with eight kids to celebrate Jack's birthday. Poor Bruce.
I'm here alone with Ellie and Evan. I have already done all the tasks that had to get done today. The house sure seems quiet.
But, on the dining room table are a pile of presents and a homemade cake (to which we can add the DQ ice cream cake if we're pinched).
In honor of their California adventure, Bruce upgraded our cell phone service so that we have unlimited text messaging. We got new phones as part of the new service agreement. Bruce immediately uploaded his own special ringtone.
Though his phone - all our phones, actually - has been ringing a lot this week, every time someone calls him, the phone chirps a happy reminder:
Don't worry
(do do do doo do)
About a thing
(do do do doo do)
Every littl' ting
Is gonna be alright


At 9:59 PM, Blogger Liz in Seattle said...

Darn...they missed the moment that was most representative of life in your home. Poor sticky Evan!

Brendan is out until Sunday, but Patrick and I have been talking a lot about your visit. He can hardly wait! Let me know what you want to do, whenever. I'll come up with a handful of options, and we can totally play it by ear. Or maybe we can just turn on the sprinkler and make margarita after margarita... :-)

At 9:49 AM, Blogger kq1226 said...

Go figure, Evan spilled his drink! That NEVER happens in your house. Hee Hee.

BTW, unlimited texting ROCKS! I finally signed up for it too. So, text away. :)

Can't wait to see you on Friday!


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