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Monday, May 15, 2006

Thank-You Notes from the Underground

Actually, Ellie's birthday thank-you notes were not written underground, but I thought it was a catchy title.

Ellie's fourth birthday party was a week ago. We had a variety of kids come through, and though we got a little damp during a drizzle-storm, the real rain started only after we retired indoors.

Party activities included:
a) make your own door-hanger using foamies
b) a treasure hunt using tiny toys and Easter eggs
c) outline and then color-yourself using sidewalk chalk and our backyard fence
d) volley-balloon

Guess which was the most popular?

Answer c). Wildly so.

I thought it might be annoyingly clever to provide for you the text of the thank-you notes I penned to Ellie's party guests. Writing thank you notes has always been a painful task for me, and it was all I could do to restrain myself while writing them. I tried very hard to make the words sound like her. The following thank-you's at least have the real text of the notes I wrote on her behalf. For fun, I "embellished" just a few for my blog. Can you tell which are which?

Cassie, Thank you for coming to my birthday party and for the Barbie mermaid. I love to play with her. She's very pretty. I hope we can have a playdate togther this summer so I can ride your pony.

Ryann & Caden, Thank you for coming to my birthday party and for the nice presents. I have already watched the "Hello Kitty" DVD a bunch of times. I like the teacher Barbie and girl dolls. My Pinkies like to sleep in the doll sleeping bag. You are good friends, and I hope we see you lots this summer.

Hayden, Thank you for coming to my birthday party. It was fun having you there. I love the dress-up stuff you got me for a present. Thank you! I wore the dress all day the next day. It makes me look like a beautfiul princess. It's a little low cut in the front, however. Mom tried to get me to wear a shirt underneath, but I refused. She drew the line at letting me wear it outside. You are a good friend.

Lia, Thank you for coming to my birthday party. It was fun having you there. Thank you also for the gift! I love bubbles, and my mom let's me take bubble baths with the Cinderella soap. My hair smells good from it too. My big sister likes it too, but my mom won't let her use it, because it's my special present from you. This makes my big sister cry.

David, It was fun having you at my party. Thank you for the nice gift. The Sky Dancer doll is really fun, and I like the way it lights up and plays a song. Even my big brother Jack likes to make it fly.

Cooper, It was fun having you at my party. I'm glad you came. Thank you for the nice gift. I wear the shoes all the time at home. In fact, on my birthday I insisted on wearing them out to dinner. Unfortunately, just as we got to the restaurant, I discovered cuts on my feet from the shoes, and I screamed and cried. Mom threatened to take us home and feed us PB&Js if I didn't keep them on my feet during dinner. I managed to stifle my screams. My mom won't let me wear them to school. The purse is good too, and I like to put stuff in it and wear it. Thank you for being my friend.

Lauren, I'm so glad you came to my party. You are my special friend. Thank you for the nice gifts. I love the pony and pony book. I wear the sunglasses whenever I go outside. My mom says I look like a movie star. The cellphone is great too. So great, in fact, Evan keeps stealing it from me.

Aiden, I'm sad you missed my party. I wish you could have colored our fence and eaten cake and ice cream with us. It's been fun being in your class this year. You are a nice friend. Thank you for the beautiful Strawberry Shortcake doll. I love her so much I took her camping last weekend. She smells terrific. I hope you like your new house.

Your friend, Ellie

The only one's I didn't tamper with are the one's to Ryann and Caden, David, and Lauren.

Well, that's the birthday roundup. Only one more kid party for the year, and then a six-month break.


At 3:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chalk outlines on the fence...BRILLIANT! Kiley is still bent out of shape that we missed it.

At 9:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ellie's thank you notes are a riot. One more BD to go what a relief. Read you all the time. It is a cozy time of chatting for me and I really don't have to respond cause I'm Lazy!! Still love your word pictures.
Mary Meger


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