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Friday, September 19, 2008

Moon Faeries: A Poem by Sabrina, Age 8

Moon Faeries

(A Poem by Sabrina, Age 8)

Each moon has dark and light.
Each dewdrop twinkles like the stars
Making laughter turn into silence.
As the silence has a sound,
The sound echoes through someone’s ears;
The moon faeries.

One dewdrop like a tsunami.
‘Tis a nocturnal creature;
Thou lovable.
And through the night their singing is like a lullaby,
Gentle and sweet
Making time end through a lullaby.
Sweet and fair, partying with goblins and elves,
Finding themselves eating the crisp and juicy fruit.

Humans could not bear to only hear stories
Of parties every night,
Wanting to dance with the faeries
Eat with the elves
And chat the most lively chats looking at the humming rats.

Now would you run at this sight?
Most people find themselves in bed
Tangled in thread.
Was it a dream?
Still, the beam of laughter echoes through his ears.


Well, I never thought it could happen to me. It was always something that “happened to other people”. But here it is: I’ve gone low carb.

I can’t believe it. I’m not hungry anymore. I can only eat smallish portions. I don’t get low blood sugar. The extra weight is starting to drop off. I don’t crave “white food” anymore. I have energy and I’m feeling pretty good emotionally, and my typically hellacious PMS was ignorable. Is this how it feels to be NORMAL?

For example, lunch today was a lentil and spinach salad with some feta, cucumbers, onion and a tiny bit of low cal dressing. I made a huge portion because it’s mostly vegetables and lots of fiber, and I figured after nothing but a protein drink for breakfast, and then my workout, I would have a hearty appetite. Alas, a few bites in, and I am stuffed.

This is so weird.

Yes, I’m still drinking some “carbs” after 4pm (can’t give THAT up), but it doesn’t seem to matter. This is truly amazing.

I’ll tell ya. Going to the gym (daily) is (starting) to change my life.

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