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Monday, December 26, 2005

Holiday Wind-Down

Christmas is over for another year. In another week, in an effort to reclaim normalcy, we'll take down the holiday decorations, the kids will return to school, and I'll be forced out of bed well before 8am.

I am surprised, despite being well in the dreaded third-week of my monthly hormonal cycle, that I am not depressed or let down. I spent no time in fetal position today, and other than "disciplining" a very obstinate Ellie, did no yelling.

Bruce, in his effort to ever perfect the art of being all that a man should be, did the detested crib and guest-bed swap-a-roo in Evan's room that I've been begging for. He also took the three older kids and his parents to the sledding hill at Rabbit Creek Elementary School. (It might have been a nice break for me, but I folded laundry instead of playing.) When I left for work, Bruce was in the throes of pizza-making. He's a darling man, and, with admirable, everlasting hope, is attempting once again to grow a goatee. It's very cute. Like a kiwi fruit, only pokier.

It has been great fun having Bruce's parents, Bob and Barbara, with us for the holidays. They have been very gracious with us and our kids - for some time they have been unaccustomed to the inevitable chaos and viral infections of a young, large family. Fortunately for them, we have many of the items necessary for surviving a week in our house: wine, books, games, and their own room in which to close the door on the rest of us.

We have eaten well this week - I can't let company starve! I am sure I've gained a bit. With the retiring of the advent calendar for another eleven months, I am determined to regain the ground recently lost - or rather, lose the ground I've recently gained.

At the gallery tonight, I expected it to be very slow, and while I did little in the way of sales I had visitors. Floridians in Alaska for the holidays, pilots with Japan Airlines, and a mish mash of other people who wander in because they are waiting for their cabs and no one else is open.

I thought about taking Bruce on a date tonight to see "King Kong," but we'd probably have to go to the 9pm showing at the latest, which would mean getting out after midnight. Not that we haven't been staying up that late recently, but he does have to go to work tomorrow. Maybe Friday instead.

I'm going to go have some recharge time. I need it. Believe me.


At 9:33 AM, Blogger Gateway School and Learning Center said...

Love the new song. New year, new song. Appropos. Can't wait to catch up face to face.


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